Jody Coyote

Jody Coyote® embraces a legacy of high-quality, one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and unique, timeless design.

Founded in Eugene, Oregon and now located just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Jody Coyote® manufactures sterling silver and gold filled earrings  featuring current and exciting handmade styles with many featuring natural stones and beads, Argentium, Silver wire, and Swarovski crystal.

The Jody Coyote® story began during the 1970’s when a local artisan started selling handcrafted earrings at fairs throughout the Pacific Northwest. From this humble beginning, Jody Coyote® has expanded and grown over the past 40 years selling a wide variety of high-quality, handcrafted earrings and necklaces.

Our distinctive jewelry has been featured in major department stores, such as Macy’s, and carried in thousands of gift stores across the United States
and Canada. In 2019, the company was acquired by Nicole Brayden Gifts and the brand was refocused back to its roots in independent gift stores. 

Jody Coyote® is part of the Nicole Brayden Gifts family of brands.

Nicole Brayden Gifts is a family of gift brands headquartered located in Solon, Ohio featuring four distinct brands; Mad Man, Jody Coyote®, Divinity Boutique®, and Oak Patch Gifts. Our gift lines encompass a broad range of all the latest trends in men's gifts, tech, drinkware, jewelry, home decor, stationery, and more. For over 30 years, Nicole Brayden Gifts has been a leading supplier of unique gift products sold to independent specialty retailers, fashion boutiques, and major department stores around the world.

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