Jody Coyote® embraces a legacy of high quality, one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and unique, timeless design.


Jody Coyote Continuum Tear and Circles Earring

Jody Coyote

Continuum Earring Collection : Tear and Circles

SKU: CTM-0716-05


The Jody Coyote Continuum Earring Collection features Argentium sterling silver and 12kt gold filled wire designs with gold filled accent beads. Tarnish resistant. Measures approximately 1" not including ear wire.


Made of Argentium sterling silver, Titanium, Aluminum and Glass, all hand crafted in Eugene, OR. JodyUSA captures the essence of the Jody Coyote brand, referring back to the designs that established the brand as a nationally recognized jewelry company. While the past was honored and considered in each design, there is a new emphasis on color and fresh look at contemporary jewelry.