Born Linda Jo Lewis in Northern California in 1950, "Joey" grew up a pastor’s daughter. She learned to love Jesus at a very young age and early on developed a passion for telling others about God’s plan. God has not only gifted Joey with the ability to sing but to use her voice to bring forth a powerful declaration of His word.


The Cross of the Trinity pendant was inspired by a simple but profound dream the Lord gifted to Joey. He has filled her with an endless passion to share His plan of salvation through this simple symbol. Even though she knew nothing about being an entrepreneur she decided to say yes and commit all her efforts and much of her meager resources to making the Cross of the Trinity and it’s powerful message, available to all.


Joey lives in Twin Falls, Idaho with her "hubby" Tom. Between them they have seven children and 17 grandchildren. She continues in her passion of proclaiming Christ through her music and her personal journey in faith.

You can read more about Joey's dream here.

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